My Pet Is Peeing Blood!

By: Lori Teller, DVM, DABVP, CVJ

TVMA Member
Houston, TX

Published May 2018

There are many reasons why your pet’s urine may contain blood, a symptom known as hematuria. Some common causes include urinary tract infections, bladder or kidney stones, cancer and systemic bleeding disorders. In cats, feline lower urinary tract disease or feline interstitial cystitisinflammation of the bladder that causes symptoms of lower urinary tract disease also can result in hematuria.

Bloody Urine Warrants A Trip To The Veterinarian

If you notice blood in your pet’s urine, a trip to the veterinarian is needed. Your veterinarian will want to know how frequently your pet is urinating. Is it more or less than usual? Is your pet straining when trying to urinate? What is the volume of urine produced—large amounts or just small drops here and there? Do you see drops of blood at the beginning or end of urination, or is the urine bloody throughout? Any chance your pet got into rat bait? Has there been any change in your pet’s water consumption or appetite, and what food is your pet eating? If you have a male cat that is trying to urinate and is not producing urine, this is an emergency situation and warrants immediate veterinary attention because he could be “blockedobstruction of the urethra.” In the case of dogs, your veterinarian also will want to know if your pet has been spayed or neutered. A dog that is not spayed may appear to have blood in her urine because she is in heat. Unneutered male dogs can develop benign prostatic hyperplasia an enlarged prostate. while neutered male dogs are at a slightly higher risk of prostate cancer, both of which can contribute to urinary issues.

Diagnostic Tools

Your veterinarian will perform a complete physical examination and then collect urine for a urinalysisanalysis of urine by physical, chemical, and microscopical means to test for the presence of disease, drugs, etc.. Try not to let your pet urinate for several hours or on the way into the clinic. There is much information to be obtained from just a few drops of urine. Veterinarians can screen for bacterial infections, kidney or liver disease, diabetes, cancer and more. Your veterinarian may collect urine by ultrasound-guided cystocentesisa veterinary procedure where a needle is placed into the urinary bladder through the abdominal wall of an animal and a sample of urine is removed. This means he or she will use an ultrasound to visualize the bladder and then use a small needle to collect some urine. Cystocentesis is not painful, and dogs and cats tolerate it well. While using the ultrasound, your veterinarian also can determine if there are any stones or masses in the bladder.


Once the cause of the hematuria is determined, your veterinarian can begin the appropriate treatment. Urinary tract infections are treated with antibiotics and sometimes a dietary change. Depending on the type of stones present, your veterinarian may recommend surgery to remove them or a special prescription diet to dissolve them. Your veterinarian may need to do further diagnostics to evaluate for kidney, liver or immune-mediated diseasea condition that occurs when the immune system abnormally attacks the central nervous system, leading to serious health complications or to check for diabetes. Pets that have frequent or recurrent urinary tract infections also will need further diagnostics to check for underlying problems, such as Cushing’s disease, diabetes, tumors or stones in the kidneys, congenital problems or, in male dogs, prostatic abscessesfocal accumulation of pus within the prostate gland, cysts or cancer. These diagnostic tests can include blood work, urine cultures, radiographic studies, complete abdominal ultrasound and more.

Hematuria in your pet can be a serious and painful problem, so seek veterinary care when you notice it in your cat or dog. Fortunately, most cases also can be resolved fairly quickly. If the problem doesn’t resolve or if it recurs, there are further diagnostic and treatment options available to help you help your pet feel better.

Lori Teller, DVM is a graduate of Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine and lives in Houston, Texas. She practices at Meyerland Animal Clinic.

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  1. Kathy Schin says:

    My Am Staff, Ruby is peeing very frequently and with clots of blood. I am taking her to the vet tomorrow morning, but just wanted to check and see if you can possibly tell me anything else. She’s 7 years old, almost 8 and has been fixed.
    Thank you,
    Kathy Schin

    • Kerry says:

      My staffy is currently going through the same thing. The vet will probably treat for uti initially, if that doesn’t solve the issue then a scan of the bladder and kidneys to check for any underlying issues. Hope she feels better soon x

    • Frank Barboza says:

      My 5 year old Am Staff just started peeing blood today (or at least I just noticed it today). I will take her to the vet ASAP, but just curious as to what was the diagnosis oin your case, please.

    • Lauren says:

      I noticed blood in my Scottish terrier’s urine. He is 10 years old and has never had any health problems. He is neutered. I’m hoping it’s just an UTI and treatable with antibiotics. Going to the vet in the morning. He is acting okay so hopefully he’s not having any discomfort.

  2. My dog is piss blood what I can do

  3. Brenda says:

    My little dog acts like it’s hard for her too urinate

    • Lin says:

      My dog started showing blood in her urine. Treated for uti initially but a later scan showed a growth in her bladder. A scan three weeks later showed it had grown in size. Vet thinks it is cancer but will not operate so we wait to see if she shows sign of pain but she isn’t at the present time

      • Damaris Laboy says:

        This is quite scary for me since I just received a call from the vet notifying me that bacterias were found on my dog’s urine. I love my baby and I hope the antibiotics work for her. So sorry for the loss it might very hard for you.

      • Kristal Spiegelhoff says:

        Hi my 19 year old Chihuahua he now has been fixed for the past five months has had a little blood in the urine but today she’s peeing nothing but blood no urine is all blood she’s not acting like she’s in pain she’s eating drinking a lot has spots not spot but lumps on her stomach on the outside that you can see I’m trying to come up with money so I can get her to the vet I’m disabled and on my way home and I’m freaking out what is the update on your baby

  4. Chrylena Larkin says:

    My Baby London has so much Blood this morning. I noticed she hasent moved in 2 day’s. I’m worried really worried about her.

  5. maitram giske says:

    My vet did US analyzer n found bacteria in her bloody urine. She also committed a bunch n didn’t seem to take food well. We got antibiotics but after 2 days she passed away. She lost too much blood n not sure what else went on with her all of these were very sudden. So I guess we discovered her symptoms a little late n the vet didn’t think she was that bad to keep her for observation. We lost her barely 2 days later.

  6. Mabel Rodriguez says:

    My dog is twelve years of age. I used to leave in a big house and now I’m living in a senior community condominium 1533 Sq. Ft (2nd. floor). The dogs here are not allow by the Association but in my case they made an exception because my doctor explained I needed my dog for emotional support. I bought some pampers to protect my apartment and take my dog twice a day down to the grass to evacuate. It is working perfectly and he seems to be happy under this regime. But recently I have noticed a little drops of blood in the pampers that concern me a lot. I am planning to take him to the Vet. soon, maybe tomorrow… but I’d like to hear your opinion about this symptom. Do you have any explanation, please ?

  7. Shaheed says:

    My yorkie is pissing blood. We are currently taking her to the vet. I will leave diagnosis once we have one.

  8. Karen Meney says:

    My female dog is peeing blood I mean it’s bright red and easy to see if she pees on the ground it’s pure blood no sign of a normal pee I’m worried sick about it what could it be??

  9. Joanne Landry says:

    My Aussie is a female, she is almost 3 years old and we noticed today that there is blood in her pee. What should I do.

  10. Sandy says:

    My 6-year-old female dog is urinating with little clumps of blood at times. I did take her to the vet and she said that it was an internal infection and started her on antibiotics for 7 days. The 7 days have passed and she still has some clumps in her blood. Do you think it could be something more serious?

  11. april says:

    I noticed my dog peed a bit of blood at the end of him urinating yesterday, but today he has no blood at the begging nor at the end. He is a 9 year old malteses, has not been fixed.

  12. Damaris Laboy says:

    This is quite scary for me since I just received a call from the vet notifying me that bacterias were found on my dog’s urine. I love my baby and I hope the antibiotics work for her. So sorry for the loss it might very hard for you.

  13. Clarkee says:

    My Yorkie has been peeing blood at the end Sometimes a bit of PURE Blood he is 8 years old and we woke one morning and it was like he was drunk,Just sat very wobbly and if you got close he noticed you,Took him to Vets they kept him in gave him steroids and antibiotic shot and he came round ok was told to keep an eye on him it MIGHT be kidney stones it’s about 6 months later now and MOSTLY His pee is normal but Still now and again there’s blood at the end. Hopefully it is just kidney stones but if it gets worse I will have him scanned Xrayed e.t.c.(That’s when it gets expensive.But he’s worth it).
    Tip*Best way to get a pee sample is from behind using a ladle or Deep long spoon

  14. Carolyn Goddard says:

    My 14 year old yorkie has blood in her urine. She wees a lot anyway due to her age but am going to try & get into the vet later today.

  15. Natalia McNaughton says:

    Hi, I have recently found out that my 6-7 year old chihuahua mix has been peeing al lot in just a day. She has had to use the restroom lots of times today but I ignored it, because I thought she was just wanting to play outside. She lees in the house 2 times today and the second time I found some blood in her urine. Is she going to be okay?

  16. May says:

    Hi, my male 4 year old chihuahua suddenly started bleeding. It started 4 hours ago when I brought him out and he had some blood on his belly..I showered him thinking it might be from outside but after the second time i saw his blood dripping on to the ground as he hid under our dinner table, i also noticed him licking his bottom area alot…I am worried it might be cancer cause that what most results on internet are showing me we are planning on bringing him to the vet tomorrow.

  17. Juan says:

    My 5 year-old female spayed dachshund mix is still peeing some blood after emptying her bladder of urine. And this is after 2 Urine Analyses, a single view X-ray, 2 ultrasounds later, 2 courses of antibiotics and a urine culture later. She has been showing blood in urine several times a week. Primary doctor thought it was UTI or bladder stones, but those were ruled out. A small growth was seen in her bladder, but a week later was gone. Early stage cancer is a possibility. Imaging did not show details of the vulva or pelvic canal as urine exits. Imaging specialist is now suggesting that it may be Ideopathic Renal Hematuria with possible sclerotherapy as treatment. Next step is taking her to an Internal Medicine specialist, but be careful in your selection as not all specialists can perform sclerotherapy.

    Still looking for details, so if anyone can update their dogs diagnoses and treatments it could help save lives.

  18. Tess says:

    My dog ( a shih tzu) urinated blood for months. She was treated by vet, was given antibiotic, but the health issue still persisted. I listened to my friend
    whose dog had the same illness. She advise me to give ‘paragis’, a kind of grass. The leaves of this was
    boiled and mixed to her drinking water. After five days, my dog’s pee is already clear, and there was
    no more strain in peeing. You can search Google on how this Paragis looks like.

    • Stella says:

      Hi. So did u manage to find out the reason your dog was bleeding? My dog is also urinating with blood for months and I brought him to the vet initially but couldn’t find any anything.

      • Rocio says:

        He needs to be x ray. My pet had same issues and antibiotics didn’t work. It turns out he had prostate cancer and spread to bladder. I had to put him down because he was in a lot of pain and losing so much blood. We are devastated. My home feels empty without him. Hopefully it’s not your case.

  19. Yvette Mort says:

    My dog is peeing lots of blood she is not in heat. The gave her antibiotics am waiting for urinalysis results. I am very worried

  20. Andrew says:

    My Oliver is a 7 year old daschund. He was pooping blood. We resolved that now he is peeing blood the vet has given him 7 days of clavacillin .todsy has been the first full day . He seems to be getting worse . He does not show any signs of pain .I am worried sick he is like one of my children.

  21. Preeto says:

    Plz don’t give pedigree gravy to dog as it might cause bleeding and seizure in dogs. My dog is suffering because of this and I had done research on google to find that many dog owners have shared the same experience.

  22. Quassia says:

    Can anyone please help me. I am really worried. I have a 2 and half year old female Belgian shepherd who was neutered when she was 6months old. For past 2months we have been observing blood while she is urinating. Note that she is showing sign of blood mostly while she is urinating due to submissive behavior.
    We have visited multiple doctors.. blood reports as per doctor is fine. One of them said that it is a tiny tumour and interjected medicine so that it gets desolved. Still no change.
    Her appetite have gone down by 30%
    We have seen know sign of illness or pain. She is hyper and playfull as usual.

    Please suggest what to do.

    • Elijah okpako says:

      Hiii am Elijah I have a 7week old German Shepherd. This evening I noted her urine was abit reddish in colour though she acts very normal but am worried. She pees a lot though and its just small amounts of urine.

  23. Mei Ling Anderson says:

    I walked my 5 year old chihuahua this morning and noticed she pissed blood. she was sprayed 4 years ago. Is this something that can clear up? I don’t have a lot of money.

    • CG says:

      It is worth it to Google symptoms. My dog had blood in her urine, did a normal 2 week course of antibiotics, 4-4 days later it came back with a vengeance. Blood and yellowish pus like substance. We are testing her with radiography, culture, blood tests. It could be a bladder infection, bladder can erase, or other.
      DO NOT HESITATE to take your dog to the vet these symptoms. Ladder cancer = a bad prognosis. Dogs rarely live through the year, with treatment. Without, it is 4-6 months.
      Good luck and best wishes.

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