When Panting Is Abnormal

By: Tyler Foreman, DVM

TVMA Member
Rowlett, TX

Published July 2018

Almost all dog lovers know why their furry friends pant after taking a stroll in the stifling Texas summer heat, but have you ever wondered why panting is the primary way our canine companions cool down? Or why they only sweat through their paws and noses? And have you ever asked why your dog would start panting in the middle of the night for no reason? If you said yes to any of the above questions, keep reading.

What Is Panting?

Panting is a key mechanism for heat reduction. The movement of air during panting is strictly limited to the upper airway, which ends where the trachea (windpipe) begins branching. As a result, cool outside air absorbs heat from the body during panting and allows for evaporation of saliva in the mouth and airway, thus slowly lowering body temperature1 (Goldberg et al., 1981). Panting is an inefficient way to cool down, especially in the stifling heat so common in Texas. A primary reason panting is inefficient is because dogs evolved to retain as much of their body heat as possible, which is the main reason why dogs only sweat through their paw pads and noses.

Pain and Anxiety-Induced Panting

If your dog is randomly panting in the middle of the night in your perfectly air-conditioned home, what could possibly cause such a behavior? The three most common reasons for panting when there is not an obvious temperature-related cause are from pain, anxiety and disease.

When dogs show signs of stress or pain like during a Texas summer thunderstorm or from aching joints, their bodies rapidly increase cortisol production, leading to excessive panting. Cortisol is a steroid hormone produced by the adrenal glandsendocrine glands that produce a variety of hormones including adrenaline and the steroids aldosterone and cortisol that is helpful in dealing with normal amounts of stress. Under usual circumstances, cortisol is helpful in regulating metabolism, salt and water balance and blood sugar, just to name a few functions. If produced in excess, the additional cortisol will increase metabolism, thus leading to an internal rise in body temperature and excessive panting2 (Dresche and Granger, 2005). Any source of stress, fear or pain for your dog can cause the same effect. In addition to elevations in cortisol, medications such as prednisone that mimic cortisol can cause panting as well.

Disease-Related Panting

In cases of disease, any process that causes an increase in the respiratory rate (number of breaths per minute) often will give the appearance of panting once breathing is rapid enough. Such disease processes include heart failure, lung ailments and metabolic abnormalities just to name a few. One disease that increases cortisol levels is Cushing’s disease. Not only will dogs affected with this condition experience excess panting but they also will develop a pot-bellied appearance, have excessive thirst and urination, and their skin and coat will look unthrifty.

How To Identify Panting

The best way to know if your dog is experiencing panting or rapid breathing is to first know the normal breathing rate, which at rest is between 10 to 40 breaths per minute. If at any point you are unsure if the breathing is abnormal, call your veterinarian.

Whenever you see your four-legged family member starting to pant, remember that it could be a possible sign of discomfort, overheating or disease. Your veterinarian can provide insight on why your dog may pant with no obvious explanation, so be sure to discuss any questions about panting during your next visit with your other family doctor.


1. Goldberg, Marcia B.; Langman, V.A.; Taylor, Richard C. “Panting in Dogs: Paths of Airflow in Response to Heat and Exercise.” Rspiration Physiology. March 1981, Vol 43, Issue 3, 327-338.

2. Dresche, Nancy A. and Douglas A. Granger. “Physiological and Behavioral Reactivity to Stress in Thunderstorm-Phobic Dogs and Their Caregivers.” Applied Animal Behaviour Science. December 2005, Volume 95, Issues 3-4, 153-168.

Tyler Foreman, DVM, is a graduate of Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine who lives in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Foreman practices at Rowlett Veterinary Clinic in Rowlett.

72 Responses

  1. Audrey says:

    I just got a 2 month old akita mixed I noticed for no reason he is panting like he is hot it is 37 degrees out side and cool in my house why or what could he be panting from

    • Kam says:

      I have a 12 year old Pom and noticed he’s panting while at rest. Some of the time it’s due to anxiety, which is more common than we think for dogs. The other is old age and wears out easily. However, physical says he’s healthy other than signs of gum disease in one of his canines.

    • Nerissa B says:

      Sounds like my dog, healthy for a 5-yr-old. Mine pants whenever he sees a dog on TV, or when he just sits next to me.

  2. Janet McDougal says:

    My Pomeranian pants (mostly in the evening) and it scares me. Vet did full blood panel; x-rays and said everything is “fine”! Everything is NOT fine because he just began this in October and we’re in Maine whettre it’s cold. Any suggestions, please??? Thank You!

    • Bobbi B says:

      I have a female pom too. I’ve noticed in the last year or so shes been panting alot at night (she’s over 10) I’m wondering if it has to do with covid and me being home way more than usual. She also constantly licks at her one paw. We too have been to vet and nothing. The groomer figures its anxiety. As she has gotten older her behavior at night has gotten strange but it also started around covid too. So my guess is change in routine? But its very concerning to me to because she pants like crazy!

      • Amber says:

        Licking paws is a comfort for many ailments

      • ED says:

        It could be an allergy. I have a Westie He always licked his paws and stopped to scratch, well I tried everything nothing really helped, until a new medicine came on the market call APOQUEL.
        A half hour after his first dose He stopped scratching, I couldn’t believe it. Ask your Vet about it.

    • Ashley Burkhardt says:

      Mine does the exact same thing. My boy Pom passed about a month ago, and now she won’t leave my site. Her eyes almost seem bug like and she’s always licking her paws and smacking her jaw… but she can’t be hot and she always has water!!

  3. Janet McDougal says:

    I also meant to say that it’s winter and cold (mostly down in single number of degrees). We run our thermostat on 69 degrees (!!!) and we wear sweatshirts and sweaters to try to keep Mordecai from not panting! I know panting can be sign of pain, stress or disease. He’s been to Vet “several” time and had just about every test in book! I’m extremely worried!

  4. Rena says:

    My dog pants rapidly when I take her in the car. She is right beside me and I keep the car cool so she is not hot.
    She is 9 years old. The vet said she is pre diabetic and had to lose weight which she has. I don’t understand the term “pre diabetic”.

    • Dyme says:

      Is it CBD or just hemp? The full spectrum CBD is what works best

    • Skye says:

      My dog does that too, and I think I know why. Dogs can pant out of fear or if they’re excited. Also, prediabetes is when someone has high blood sugar but not high enough to be diabetes. Some good ways to cure it are exercising daily for the same amount of time or putting your dog on a diet. I hope I could answer your question.

    • Rain says:

      This means without proper weight loss and food management your dog will develop into diabetes. Currently, her blood sugars are high, but not high enough to treat and she still has insulin resistance, yet reduced. If this continues she will lose enough resistance to develop full diabetes. I hope this helps

    • abbie says:

      pre diabetic means that yoir dog has an extrme chnace of contracting diabieties and if she keeps living the way she lives she will contract diabetes

  5. Susan Shumate Abee says:

    My Wire Hair pointing Griffon, soon to turn 13 has starting panting often at night. It can’t be from overheating as I live in Michigan and it is very cold outside. And I keep my house cool. And the heat is turned down to 62 at night. He woke me up tonight and for behind my bed and I had a heck of a time getting him out. Then I let him outside. And have him some hemp oil when he came back in. This has been going on more and more.
    Nothing wrong with his appetite. His coat is beautiful. He has water available at all times.

    • lillith says:

      like others, my pup Libbi began panting heavily in association to 2 health crisis – pancreatitis bout #2 (Dec. 2018), & Vita D poisoning (Dec. through Feb 2019). that was a year ago. the panting has returned beginning Feb- March 2020 to where she is waking me up at night to go out or just shaking the bed by the force of pants (memory foam???).

      a year ago March 2019, she began drinking excessively, to almost double her previous intake. she also exhibits licking of fabric, yawning, clingy – sitting or sleeping on me – behaviors consistent with anxiety. she seems to pant less while occupied by “no hides” bones. a little over 18-20 months ago, she began insisting on treats at night, and i can hear her tummy growling wildly within 1-2 hours of dinner. all blood and urine testing was normal so vet rx Adaptil, which almost seemed to accelerate her rate of breath. so that’s going back. i also use the two finger touch technique which did use to calm her but seems to have no effect now.

      what do we rule out next, Cushings, Thyroid disorders, or just treat for anxiety? i feel so helpless watching her panting uncontrollably.

      • Bruno says:

        Hi lilith.
        Please contact me on my email bgospic1989@gmail.com .
        I think my dog have the same problem.

        • Jane says:

          What did you find out about your dog as posted on Sept. 26, 2021? My dog has similar symptoms and the vet wants to test for Cushions Disease but she has been tested before and proved to be negative. It is very expensive… upwards of $2000 to do test and adapt to medication if it is Cushing’s. She pants at night, she barks at night and she drinks a lot of water daily. I just do not think it is Cushing’s but looking for someone with a similar situation and some possible answers. My baby is 14 years old and a pitbull mix. Otherwise she seems healthy with a good appetite.

          • Pearllover says:

            My Shihtzu had to have 9 teeth pulled that were decayed.

          • Dale Sinclair says:

            Hi my pit has all the symptoms y’all are talking about he’s 13 hit liver is swelling and it is much bigger than it was in January, his back leg is paralyzed and he drags it behind min or walks on his tip or top of his foot and drags it behind him to walk , they want me to put him down but I’m having a hard time with that , he hardly eats much anymore, I just love him so much, people say I’m being selfish and t believe that , I’m going to have to take him because when he looks at me now it’s like his eyes are saying please help me , I been good for you and left you lots of great memories . He’s something. ! But the whites of his eyes are real pink almost read today and he is starting to have water mixed with some blood leaking from the corners. I heard two Vets talking about Cushing stop is the eyes part of it or something else . Thanks Dale

      • Sam says:

        Did you ever figure it out? I’m dealing with the same!

      • K9luverof2 says:

        She may be in pain because of her teeth. Sounds like she may have some bad teeth that need to get pulled. Reach out to the SPCA or animal shelters / rescues in your area. They will probably have resources for cheaper vet clinics that can help you! Good Luck.

    • kay says:

      this is happening with my dog right now does anyone know how to help

      • Laura Perrigo says:

        Hi. Can anyone help me out with this? My 9 year old shih tzu has been panting heavily the past two nights. She is yawning alot also. She has always been a licker. The bed, the floor, any lil spot or spec she sees she’s determined to lick it up. But these 2 nights, she’s licking me, and she has never licked on people. Her breathe is horrible! I’m freaking out cause I don’t know what to do for her. I’m in a new place (state) and I have no way physically or financially to run her to a vet clinic in the middle of the night. But it’s breaking my heart to see her like this and think of her in oain

      • Michelle Courier says:

        My shih tzu has the same issue. She’s panting every evening, licks everything, has horrible breath…did you ever figure out what was wrong with your puppy?

      • Heidi says:

        It could be bad teeth. Have you looked in her mouth?

    • Charlotte Spencer says:

      My Yorkie is 4.5lbs. 9yrs and 4mths. She has had difficulty the last 1.5 years with getting choked on her food. I have had to do the himelec maneuver several times. She has actually died a couple times. I’ve also had to dig food from her throat or push it pasted her windpipe. I’ve noticed an increase in urination & thrist& even though she eats good acts as though she’s starving. Panting is her newest symptom, Increased now at rest & middle of night . Any help appreciated

    • Brandy says:

      Did you ever find out what was wrong? My old man, border collie, just started this a few weeks ago, at night.

  6. Karen Stone Baker says:

    I have a 22 month old Biewer Terrier that weighs 6 lbs. She is very timid and things like the vacuum cleaner scare her. She has a very heavy coat of hair. Lately she has been panting very hard at various times during the day for no apparent reason. She’s a very picky eater and I have noticed she seems to be drinking more water than usual and she’ll lay on the cool tile floor. Any suggestions as what might be going on with her?

    • Tina Jones says:

      Whatever happened with your dog? Mine is doing the same thing.
      Vet said it’s his trachea its clasping ! He would give him a steroid to help ease it. He is 10 years 5 months old. Please let me know what happened with any of your dogs with the same issues. This is so hard to watch

      • Anastasia Deveaux says:

        My 5 month old Cane Corso is always panting and she is very high energy. I feel like its to hard on her. I see her dad & siblings panting hard and wonder if its hereditary.

  7. Suzanne says:

    My 7 year old Mixed breed dog has become more and more heat intolerant. She pants when the weather goes above 65 degrees after mild exertion. I had a CBC done for her, and her ALKP is elevated (439.0). I am worried that she has Cushing’s disease. I have an ultrasound scheduled for this Tuesday. Will it help in the diagnosis?

  8. Linda brustowicz says:

    I’m having the same problem with my pomeranian
    Vet said it’s his trachea its clasping she gave him a medication that’s surpose to open his airways but it doesn’t I’m. So afraid I might lose him I don’t know ×hat
    Else to do

    • Julie says:

      My Pom/chi mix has had a collapsing trachea for years. After trying several vets, I found a wholistic vet that prescribed Bu Fei San powder. It’s a powder that easily mixing into his food. It works great for my dog. He’s been taking for years and is now 13 years old. It does require a prescription.

  9. Teresa Marlow says:

    I have same issue with my dog, he seems fine most of the time,runs, plays, eats but does this panting mostly at night. Used to be once in awhile but has been more frequent. The vets when I have taken him in past say heart etc fine. We are in lockdown now so vet trips only for urgent things, so not sure if should take him.

  10. Bev Boling says:

    I have an 8 year old American Bulldog. Two months ago she had a large mass removed from her abdomen attached to her spleen which the vet said had not spread when he removed it. However she starts panting in the evening while resting. She eats well and drinks water. I take her walking everyday and she seems to pant more on her walks now as well. Before her surgery I noticed she was panting some as well but doing it more now. Any suggestions?

  11. Alex Tayao says:

    May dog is nursing a puppies , but I think there something wrong with my dog ,she been panting severely, sometimes she has cough, ang I could feel on top of her head there palpitations on veins

    • Sharon says:

      9 year old male Staffordshire rottie mix. Has had three ACL surgeries. Has always been a couch potato but enjoys long walks in the park. Wakes up at night only (never while sleeping during the day) panting heavily regardless of temperature in the room. Allows me to pet him but cannot seem to “calm” him down. Panting can last up to 15 minutes. When he stops panting, his breathing continues to be heavy, loud and labored for a while. When he awakens in the morning, he’s fine. No obvious residual effect (except that I am exhausted from getting up in the middle of the night). Have tried CBD oil, pain meds, melatonin, calming meds. Nothing seems to work. Vet took blood tests that didn’t show anything.

      • Lisa says:

        Hey Sharon, your dog’s behavior describes to a T the nightly scenario with my dog (female mastiff)… no matter if it’s 15 below zero or 75 degrees F. We just took her to do a Low Dex suppression test today to see if it’s Cushing’s Disease. Please let me know if you figure anything out with your guy. All the best!

        • Ann says:

          My dog actually did have Cushing’s. A wonderful male ShihTzu who we lost last winter at age 17. He did not have any panting symptoms or anything else described above. I gave him holistic medicine bought online for his last year. It did seem to help ease his problems somewhat. But nothing was going to cure him, sadly.
          We just adopted 2 10 yr old ShihTzus. The female now is dragging her rear legs in great difficulty while trying to stand up. Both on the wood floors and on the carpets. She eventually makes it up or we help her. She does bark along with this. Possibly in pain or frustration? I feel so badly for her. She is also blind. Does anyone have an idea.. I can’t get in to see the vet for a month!

    • Dean says:

      My dog is 13 he does have hip problems which I do give him a shot every month to help him out but he has really started to pant at night sometimes he will be up most of the night panting.
      We sleep with the window open we live in Manitoba Canada so it’s cool at night.
      Just wish our pets could talk so you can take care of there problem He’s such a good dog don’t want to lose him right now I’m hoping for a few more good years left in him.

    • Elaine says:

      Our dog has similar symptoms. Did you resolve your dogs panting issue?

  12. Kat says:

    I’ve been going through all this heavy scary panting since last May. Ends up my 14 yr old maltipoo had Cushings. Took care of that all good then panting started up again past week. I keep up with Cushings testing. Test came back great so I think it’s pain related. She has arthritis and think by end of day she just hurts. Giving her 50mg-100mg Gabapentin at night definitely helping. Doing it on as needed basis. She is 11 lbs.
    could be anxiety for other dogs. Maybe a rescue puppy/ dog. Bc don’t know their true past.
    Hopefully this helps. Bc it’s so scary to watch and not understand why.

  13. Wow, it would never have occurred to me that pain from aching joints can cause dogs to excessively pant. My dog will be turning ten in a couple of months, and he has been panting a lot recently. I’m worried that he might have some issues with the bones in his legs. It seems like it would be a good idea for me to schedule a visit with a veterinarian so that I can make sure my pet gets the proper care he needs.

  14. Uzume says:

    My dog was having the following symptoms:
    Panting, lying on cold tiles (unusual for him), drinking more fluids, being sick more frequently, not settling as well during the night.
    I took him to the vets a few times but as he’d ‘perked up’ by the time we got there, they thought it was something upsetting his stomach.
    It ended up being an undiagnosed heart condition (most likely hereditary) and diabetes.

    My advice is to request a blood sugar serum test if your dog has any of the above.

    Panting can also be anxiety related, there had always been an underlying anxiety, as he was a rescue dog so we were used to it at some level.

  15. Bonni says:

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  16. amanda vab says:

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  17. Karen says:

    My lab pants only at night and it’s starts the same time every night.
    Also very agitated.
    I was told he has sundowner

  18. Oscar says:

    My puppy is 5 months and got fixed yesterday morning it’s 1am and he is now panting heavily in sleep is this normal.?

  19. Debra Loricco says:

    I’m not a vet,I’m very close to my pet happy!she will be 2 next month. My son did live in the home when she was a pup,and she loved him,now he stops by every so often and she goes crazy for him .This last time he stops by with his new puppy, she liked the pup and gave jess kisses. They didn’t stay long a she was sad the rest of the day,the next day I went to get my shot and I couldn’t take her.That started her whining and sometimes panting. It’s the third day an still persist,I have made an appointment for a wellness check just to be safe.But I really think she misses my son and the puppy she is a pet with a lot of feelings an has so much love,I now take her for a 20 minute walk an that seems to be helping for her appointment is not till April 1.I hopthis will help someone!Happy trails to ya!

  20. Heather Potz says:

    Charlotte- I just read your comment and as the previous owner of a little tiny Yorkie, I wanted to reach out to you. First off regarding the eating issue- It could be a collapsing trachea that’s only triggered to collapse when food “tickles” your dogs throat. This is a real disorder, its not really common but I think there are things you can do to help prevent it. I only know about it because I recently realized my current terrier mix has started suffering from choking issues, but only when he drinks water- I noticed it has become an issue now that he has put on more weight. Every time he went to get a drink he would begin coughing and hacking after. It became so irritating that he actually avoided having to take a drink. So that’s when I started adding water to his food so that he wouldn’t get dehydrated. What’s strange is He doesn’t choke when he eats, ONLY when he drinks! I googled it and I guess it’s a thing- I mean I always knew about collars triggering collapsing trachea issues- but I never knew a dog could have a collapsing trachea issue that is only triggered by certain things in certain conditions & not in others. (possible narrowing of my dogs esophagus due to extra fat around his neck pushing on his throat when he is bent over drinking in combination with water tickling the back of his throat & gravity pulling down on everything) It opened my eyes to the crazy concept that we expect our dogs and cats to be able to easily drink almost upside down! Rather we should be raising their water bowls to BE LEVEL WITH the height of THEIR THROATS when they’re standing at their bowls..this way its more of a smoother/easier transition from bowl to throat rather than trying to work against gravity so much- (which could easily be exhasterbating, or possibly even the main cause of this collapsing trachea condition)
    Next, I want you to get your Yorkie tested for cortisol levels /Cushings Disease(it IS common in Yorkies!) I went through a similar situation you’re going through! My little Yorkie suffered from many different symptoms all coming about at different times, but they included being very hot all the time, excessive panting, hair loss, oily scaley, dark and bumpy skin, personality change, extreme hunger, pot belly, became jumpy/nervous& more defensive etc. in the last 2-3 years of her life. I now regret not taking her to a better/different Vet. I was so frustrated because she had every sign of Cushings disease except the Vet clinic I was bringing her to told me that her blood levels where NOT pointing towards Cushings & so they did not think it necessary to follow through with the expensive and involved Cushings Test….so I listened to them & never got her tested. Well I regret it. I should have brought her for a second opinion. Slowly over a 2-3yr period her health continued to decline and she continued exhibiting new endocrine disorder symptoms(all of which only made trying to figure out what was wrong-so much more frustrating&confusing!) Long story short she developed Kidney failure and I had to do a lot to keep her alive and keep her hydrated- it was extremely hard! Took a lot out of me- many sleepless nights& tons of stress! I don’t have a lot of money because I was laid off but I’m educated and come from a good background. She was my baby girl& I loved her like a child&would do it all over again in a second but I dont wish what I had to go through upon my worst enemy.
    She ended up passing away of a seizure during sunset Memorial Day 2019.
    I’m pretty sure now that she had undiagnosed Cushings that was causing a constant high level of the stress hormone Cortisol. This constant high cortisol level caused her to have high blood pressure and this went untreated because I guess the vet just assumed little dogs can be very nervous at the vet & so maybe they thought it was just a temporary effect of being at the vet & nothing to worry about. But I read that untreated Cushings and untreated high blood pressure will lead to kidneys failing. So I’m guessing this was the reason her kidneys ending up failing, and why her personality changed from a sort of shy & timid normal Yorkie to a easily frightened/jumpy/on edge& much more aggressive dog. Constant high levels of Cortisol running through their blood will cause all different kinds of problems because the body is not made to be in a constant state of “high alert”. So it takes a HUGE toll on their little tiny bodies. The high Cortisol is also what causes the constant “starvation”. She went from eating like a normal picky eating Yorkie, to suddenly begging for food ALL the time. She became CONSTANTLY OBSESSED with food & would’ve stuffed herself with chicken til she couldn’t walk anymore if I had let her. She was ravenous! I KNEW IN MY GUT SHE HAD CHANGED & SOMETHING WASNT RIGHT…BUT THE VET CLINIC I BROUGHT HER TO WAS ALSO A TEACHING SCHOOL & SO THEY DIDN’T PROVIDE THE BEST CARE& I NOW LOOK BACK & REGRET I DIDN’T LISTEN TO MY GUT & THAT I DIDNT BRING HER FOR A SECOND OPINION. I NOW REALIZE ALL THE SIGNS POINTED TOWARDS CUSHINGS/A TUMOUR IN HER BRAIN-WHICH EXPLAINS WHY SHE BEGAN HAVING SEIZURES TOWARDS THE END & THAT SHE DIED FROM A SEIZURE. I just want other Yorkie owners to know that I did a ton of reading & research during and after my baby girl’s death & that Cushings Disease &Addisons Disease(this is another form of Cushings involving instead a tumour that grows on the adrenal gland near their kidneys rather than on their brains pituitary gland but it causes all the same symptoms) I really hope that you can find a good Vet & get an accurate diagnosis! Trust your gut & find another Vet if they don’t give you a diagnosis/ reason behind why your dog has these strange new symptoms.

  21. Traci Smith says:

    Did you ever get an answer? I feel like I could have written this question.
    My dog definitely has something wrong, and vets say they don’t find anything. It’s so frustrating.

  22. carol says:

    I have a 3 month old cavapoo and he pants so fast am worried mainly at night.

  23. Jack says:

    My 8 yr old Husky Pants very hard while standing or walking inside (Cool) and outside (Cool),sorta ok when sleeping or laying down.Wanting constant attention too?Currently on gabapentin.Vet reccomended 300 mg twice a day,also trazadone,but that amount caused her to fall down a lot not really helping, We then tryed 100 mgs three times a day helped better.Have taken her to three different vats with three different diagnosis?????????Incl: Neorlogic,arteritis, and neck problem?????

  24. Bonny Rosa says:

    My daughter has a dog that pant a lot she paste the floor and kept my granddaughter up all night . I did ask my daughter if she took her dog to a veterinarian for a physical exam.the veterinarian told her that it’s normal for a dog to pant .to my opinion I was raised around animals .I used to cut their far and groom them and put cold water and let the fan on high my floor doesn’t have carpet cause it keeps in the heat and dogs love to sit on the floor cause it’s cool ,

  25. Trish says:

    My 11 year old sharpei mix passed away unexpectedly this morning while in the kennel. They told us he ate breakfast and then went to sleep on his bed but did not wake up. We are devastated and have no idea what happened. About a month ago I took him to the vet because he woke up a couple of times during the night panting heavily. Other then that he seemed fine.

  26. Stacey says:

    My 4 year old red heeler X American staffy has been panting heavily at night lately, and also licking excessively at one paw. It’s concerning to say the least.

  27. JessieRose says:

    I’ve had my pup for a little over a year now,she’s my first pet and I love her dearly,I don’t know too much about dogs although I try to read up on everything,my issue is I don’t know anything about her,I was told she has had her shots but didn’t receive a shot record,she has a very large tumor/cyst on the back leg which doesn’t seem to bother her but has grown in the last 6 weeks,she seems to have very bad separation anxiety and is over protective or territorial when other pets are involved but I don’t have any money to take her to the vet and would be crushed if something were to happen,as my husband says”she’s not our pet, we’re her humans,I never thought I could live an animal/pet the way I do I’m worried I’m doing doing enough or good enough any advice(please don’t suggest give her away cause I’m poor,cause I make sure she’s fed and watered every day,actually she’s quite spoiled considering I’m below poverty,any other advice would be greatly appreciated

  28. Rollin says:

    If my dog is panting could it mean she is dieng. My dog is laying in bed with a fan and is panting really badly

  29. Rollin McCord says:

    If my dog is panting could it mean she is dieng. My dog is laying in bed with a fan and is panting really badly

  30. […] use a variety of methods to pant, including shallow and deep panting, as well as rapid and slow panting. Each of these methods has a different purpose, and can be used in a variety of situations. One […]

  31. Ana says:

    I adopted a mix (golden retriever and black mouth cut) 6 months ago. She is a very happy, active 18 month old, is with us nearly all the time, has a good appetite, taken out at least 4 times daily; now my question: she pants a lot, even when she is resting, I don’t think she is nervous about anything. She does have a thick coat but the apartment is normally at 75 degrees, always has water in her bowl. After going for a walk, she lies down but pants a lot, is this something to be worried about?

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