Our Programs

Texas veterinarians and animal owners share a love of animals and a respect for what they provide us. Through the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation, we can work together to improve the health and well being of animals in Texas.

TVMF strives to raise the art and science of veterinary medicine to the highest possible standards and to educate the public about the human-animal bond and the importance of proper animal care. These goals are reached through owner awareness programs, veterinary student scholarships and emergency financial assistance, continuing education and special projects.

Disaster Relief

Disasters can strike at any time and the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation is ready at all times to assist veterinarians who provide medical care to the animal victims during and after any disaster with Disaster Relief Grants.

*HURRICANE HARVEY: As flood waters rise, the Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation is continuing to work with veterinarians in affected areas as they care for animals affected by Hurricane Harvey. By donating to our Disaster Relief fund, you can be assured that your donations will be assisting veterinarians as they care for the animals that have been displaced or injured by this historic storm. Please click HERE to make a donation.

*HURRICANE HARVEY VETERINARY ASSISTANCE: If your clinic is in need of financial assistance to provide medical care to animals impacted by Harvey please click HERE to download the application.

OPERATION REUNITE: Operation Reunite’s mission is to establish a network of veterinary clinics that, with the help of their clients, will provide foster care to pets that have been displaced due to Hurricane Harvey. The goal is to return as many of these animals to their owners within 45 days of the animal being delivered for fostering. For reimbursement of medical and fostering expenses of animals impacted by hurricane Harvey please click HERE to download the application.

Memorial Gift Program

TVMF’s memorial gift program is for those who wish to remember a deceased individual or pet. Memorial donations help fund the efforts of the Foundation, including the Emergency Student Grant Fund, stethoscopes for new veterinary students, owner education programs and the Rusk Veterinary Grant program. To make your memorial gift click here.

TVMF Pet Memorial Wall

The Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation is proud to provide this tribute to celebrate the special bond between humans and animals and those whose memory lives on. We invite you to share your pet’s story with others here.

Honor Your Veterinarian

TVMF offers a special donation to honor veterinarians who have provided outstanding health care to their patients. The Veterinary Honor Roll offers a unique opportunity to both honor your veterinarian and give a gift that will resonate for years to come. We invite you to honor your veterinarian here.

Community Education Program

TVMF is dedicating to educating the public on proper animal care and the importance of regular veterinary visits. TVMF achieves this by holding community awareness events that are fun and free for the public. TVMF’s most popular community education program is the Pet Heatstroke Prevention Awareness event hosted every summer in various cities across the state by TVMA member veterinarians. These events provide information to pet owners on the signs of heatstroke, how to prevent it and what to do if their pet overheats. The events are wildly popular with new cities added to the circuit each year.

Rusk Veterinary Grants

Rusk Veterinary Grants provide funds to supplement a veterinarian’s charitable care for animals of low-income families or for families that have an undue financial burden due to extenuating circumstances. A primary goal of the Rusk Veterinary Grant is to keep the human-animal bond intact by resolving medical issues that will retire the animal’s health. To learn more about the Rusk Veterinary Grant Program, official grant guidelines and how to apply, please visit http://tvmf.org.

Mark Francis Museum of Veterinary History

An interpretive exhibit describing the history of veterinary medicine in Texas, the museum provides an attractive and informative experience for visitors and serves as a point of pride for all veterinarians.