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Obesity Puts Your Pet at Risk

Pet owners who want to give their pets the healthiest and happiest life possible may often wonder, “What is the most important thing I can do to improve my pet’s well-being?” Is it buying the right toy or making sure Fido is properly trained? Or is it making sure they are regularly bathed and their […]

12 Foods Safe to Feed Your Pets

We hear about many foods that we should not feed our pets, such as chocolate, grapes and raisins, macadamia nuts, onions, garlic and anything sweetened with xylitol. But we still find it difficult to avoid tossing something under the table when that irresistible face is staring at us. So what can we safely feed our […]

The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare

Pet ownership is a big responsibility. Part of being a responsible pet owner involves ensuring your companion animal enjoys a high quality of life. Many traits of a high-quality life are described in the Five Freedoms of Good Animal Welfare, a report that is recognized as one of the most important documents for the provision of […]

Kitten Behavior

Everyone loves kittens. They are little balls of springy, soft fur. They tumble, stalk and capture our hearts with their saucer eyes. There is an ever-present opinion that kittens are self-sufficient. If you give them a bowl of food and a litter box, they will be happy and well-rounded. However, this is a myth. Across the United States, there are […]

Irritable Aging Cats

Kittens are cute and cuddly balls of energy. Every new experience is a joy in itself. As they age, kittens turn into our steady and aloof companions; they are calming fixtures in our lives. With modern medicine advancing, cats are living longer. Once they age, many people describe cats’ personalities as irritable, moody or just plain grumpy. Do […]


Heatstroke is a life-threatening condition that requires immediate treatment. As a dog’s body temperature rises above its normal 101.5 degrees, it can experience severe brain, kidney and liver damage. Body temperatures above 105 degrees can also lead to a coma or even death. Signs of heatstroke in dogs and cats include increased panting, excessive drooling, […]

Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders are small marsupials that make great pets in the proper environment. Like any other potential pet, you should make sure you spend time with one prior to making the decision to bring one into your home. You can spend time with a sugar glider at the pet store, a rescue or at the […]


Although a bit on the prickly side, hedgehogs can make great pets. Hedgehogs are not only cute but when cared for properly, their interesting personalities shine. To bring out the best in your new hedgie, please consider the following guidelines. Before making the decision to purchase or adopt, handle and play with your prospective pet […]

Weight Loss in Cats

Why Lose Weight? Weight loss is tough. More than 50 percent of cats in the U.S. are overweight, and odds are your cat could stand to lose a pound or two (or 10). Overweight cats tend to live shorter lives than their more fit counterparts. Even a few extra pounds puts your cat at significant […]

Signs that your Pet Needs to See the Vet!

First off, let’s just say that you know your pet better than anyone. If you think something is not right or if your pet seems a little off, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment to have your pet seen by your veterinarian. It is much better to be safe than sorry. Since your pet can […]

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