TVMF and Meals on Wheels (MOW) have partnered to provide veterinary care free of charge to clients of the Pets Assisting the Lives of Seniors (PALS) program of MOW for the purpose of strengthening the human animal bond by ensuring the health and welfare of animals belonging to people who are homebound, elderly and disabled.

Veterinary care and wellness services provided for the PALS clients of MOW will ensure that their companion animals will live longer healthier lives. Keeping their companion animals healthy will result in an improved health and quality of life for the PALS clients. Happiness, companionship and feeling needed all reinforce the human-animal bond, which has the proven human health benefits of longevity, lowered stress, improved immune levels and an improved mental state. Program services are provided in Austin, TX, Bryan/College Station, TX and Dallas, TX.

Austin Partners

Bryan/College Station Partners

Dallas Partners

Corporate Partners

TVMF would like to thank our corporate and community partners who help make this program possible.

For more information on how to donate or become involved with the program, contact Leah Ann Tibbitts at 512.452.4224 or